Get the Service Your Vehicle Needs Before Winter Hits

While the winters here in Amarillo, TX, area are not as extreme as say that in Minnesota or New England, we still deal with our fair share of cold weather. And we all know what cold weather brings with it: ice, snow and slush.

These elements make for more challenging driving. A single drive on an icy or snow-covered road will convince even the calmest driver to take heed. A great way to give your vehicle a boost before winter hits is to bring it to the service center here at Reagor Dykes Mitsubishi Amarillo.

We have a great, professional team of automotive technicians who are happy to help prepare your car, truck or SUV for winter driving. It doesn't have to be a Mitsubishi brand for our service team to assist you, either. They can inspect your vehicle's engine, top off windshield wiper fluids, check the tread of its tires and more. Have your new snow tires installed before the ice begins to form, or your vehicle's antifreeze levels and battery checked before you run into trouble on the road.

Great Reasons to Have Your Auto Service Taken Care of at Our Dealership

There are many great reasons to have your service taken care of here at Reagor Dykes Mitsubishi Amarillo. Here are three that stand out.

  1. Enjoy cost-savings with our service specials. Your vehicle needs service but that doesn't mean you need to spend an arm and a leg on it.
  2. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having your car, truck or SUV prepped for winter driving by a team of highly-trained automotive experts.
  3. At our dealership, we use only genuine Mitsubishi parts. You'll enjoy knowing that your Mitsubishi car or SUV is equipped with the very best parts each time you have it serviced at our facility.

We hope you'll make an appointment soon with our service center. We're proud to be located in the Amarillo, TX, area, and it would be our pleasure to get your vehicle buttoned up for the cold winter months ahead.

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